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Mil-Spec Aerospace Contactors & Control Devices

FDH Electronics is a franchised supplier of Mil-Spec Contactors & Control Devices from Leach, TE, Crouzet, Honeywell, and Safran for aerospace, defense, commercial and space applications. We offer many different mil-spec control devices and contactors, including the MS27751 Contactor. Contact us today for all your aerospace contactors and control devices needs.
Features Offered:
  • Hermetically Sealed
  • Space & Weight Savings
  • Programmable
  • Special Mounting Styles Available
  • From 50 to 1000 Amps
  • NASA Qualified

Specs Available:
    • M6106
    • MS24140 – MS24193
    • MS24376
    • MS25030
    • MS25031
    • MS25302
    • MS27242
    • MS25030
    • MS25031