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OEM Specs

OEM Wire & Cable Distributor for Military & Aerospace

As a leading distributor of wire and cable to the military and aerospace industries, we partner with only the most reputable and reliable manufacturers. Find harsh environment wire and cable, high-performance specialty wire and cable products, identity labels, mil-spec wire such as M22759, coaxial, airframe wire and cable, data wire, and so much more from the top names in wire and cable products. Contact us today to see how FDH is a leading OEM wire and cable distributor for military and aerospace.
    • ABS
    • ASNE - Airbus
    • BMS - Boeing Material Standard
    • EN Standards - Airbus and Eurocopter Standards
    • Mil-Spec Hook-Up Wires
    • NEMA HP – National Electrical Manufacturers Association
    • SAE – Society of Automotive Engineers
    • TE Spec 44/Spec 55