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Aerospace Inventory Management Services & Kitting Solutions

Whether it is supply chain logistics or aerospace inventory management services, FDH Aero delivers supply chain solutions that simplify complexities, create efficiencies, and save costs with optimized processes. Our aircraft kitting solutions and 24/7 responsiveness ensure you get what you need when you need it.

Vendor Managed Inventory

We invest alongside customers to stock large amounts of inventory and manage customer inventory on their behalf. Our solutions are designed to deliver flexibility by managing inventories either in our facilities or in customer facilities through a consignment approach. With a 98% fulfilment rate, our programs allow you to reduce WIP and increase cashflow by integrating with a system that keeps your bins filled with the right amount of inventory to continue production with no stockouts.

Just in Time / Direct Line Feed

We work with you to determine the minimal limit of stock for key items. Once that minimum level is reached, we send out replenishments the following day using stock held at our facility. This reduces freight costs and eliminates the need to track down several suppliers. It also aids in the reduction of Goods-in for logistics and the usage of warehouse space.


We create pre-packaged and pre-labeled kits containing individual parts that are always used together. Kits simplify your supply chain by increasing efficiency, and reducing the time-consuming sourcing of individual parts.

Decanting Chemicals

We understand that sometimes you need chemicals in smaller volumes, so FDH is designed to deliver those to you. As an authorized reseller of chemicals, we can decant into the volumes you need, when you need them.

Value Added Services

We offer a variety of value-added lines from complex connector configurations to basic electrical requirements. We can build thousands of different connector layouts on demand from raw materials in our warehouse. We have state of the art marking machines that can work on any part, and we can even create custom packaging, marking and labeling to your exact specifications.

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