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Rectangular Connectors

Mil-Spec Rectangular Connectors

FDH Electronics offers a broad range of mil-spec connector options within the rectangular connector family. A variety of contact terminations, connector accessories, performance levels, and package sizes are available at competitive prices. We are certified to the following:
    • MIL-DTL-28748 Rectangular Connectors
    • MIL-DTL-39029 Rectangular Connectors
FDH Electronics is a franchised/authorized distributor for several rectangular connector companies; including Ametek Electronic Interconnect, Glenair, as well as  packaging companies Glasseal and Hermetic Seal. They manufacture D-Subminiature, Rack & Panel and Micro-D Subminiature connectors. We have the capability to manufacture rectangular connectors to MIL-DTL-28748 and MIL-DTL-39029 mil-spec standards, as well as produce customized products.