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Whitmor/Wirenetics Receives Retention of Qualification under WC27500-2015

The NEMA WC27500 specification describes both shielded and unshielded cable constructions for avionics, aerospace, and airframe applications. With our vast array of military QPL approvals retained under WC27500-2015, our flexibility allows us to offer a wide range of choices for our customers, surpassing nearly all cable suppliers in the industry with this QPL.

In addition to our unmatched in-house ability to produce the optimal design for nearly any application, our 100 ft minimum on custom cables allows you to get what you need without the excess inventory & spend that comes with typical factory minimums. And with our unique Premium Expedite™ option, time is always on your side.

Our customers remain our #1 priority, and Whitmor/Wirenetics will continue to strive for the excellence our customers have come to expect.

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Partner Product Spotlight: SumiMark® IV Marking System

We’re pleased to offer our customers the SumiMark® IV Thermal Transfer Marking System – which sets the industry standard as the most cost effective, versatile, easy-to-use and reliable marking system available. The SumiMark® IV is designed to create high quality marks on SumiMark® continuous and Sumitag™ formatted heat shrinkable tubing, plus a variety of other specialty products.

System Capabilities

•Prints on a wide variety of SumiMark® continuous spools and Sumitag™ formatted products ranging in diameters from 1/16” to 2” with expansion ratios of 2:1, 3:1 and 4:1 and a variety of colors
•Produces full or scored cut lengths ranging from 0.25” to 4” – in increments of 0.01”
•Prints high quality marks on round or flattened SumiMark® and Sumitag™ Heat Shrinkable Products, plus Cable Labels and Panel Labels
•Prints free-form serialized, graphics, logos, and barcodes
•300 dpi print head produces superior quality marks
•All marks meet the highest quality standards per SAE-AS5942 for print adherence

SumiMark® Heat Shrinkable Tubing Products

Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products, Inc. offers a comprehensive selection of SumiMark® continuous heat shrinkable tubing products which are perfect for applications whereby flexibility and cost savings are needed.

Tubing is supplied on continuous spools and is cut by the SUMIMARK® Marking System, allowing you to create the exact length of marker you want without waste. There is minimal longitudinal change after shrinking, so your marks will not become distorted when installed.

Our highly trained specialists are standing by to walk you through the available product choices & help you find the solution that fits your needs.

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Value Added Services from Whitmor/Wirenetics

In addition to our custom cable manufacturing capabilities, Whitmor/Wirenetics (now FDH Electronics) offers a wide array of value-added services to our customers. With state-of-the-art equipment designed to exceed today’s stringent requirements, we can help you provide your customers with the products they need while reducing your cost and lead time.

– Wire & Cable striping
– Surface Etching
– Twisting/Cabling
– Assemblies/Kitting
– Laser Marking
– Hot Stamping
– Tubing and Sleeve Marking
– Cut & Strip
– Custom VMI Solutions
– New Product Design & Engineering

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Your #1 Source For PTFE Wire & Cable

With our robust inventory of PTFE hook-up wire & cable, Whitmor/Wirenetics (now FDH Electronics) is the go-to source for your Mil-Spec and Aerospace requirements. From M16878/NEMA HP-3 & M22759 hook-up wire to M27500 cables, you can find all of the PTFE products you need with the excellent customer service you’ve come to expect.  We also offer value-added services such as surface etching, striping, laser marking, and cut & strip for your specific program needs.

In addition to our off-the-shelf products, we have the unique ability to manufacture custom PTFE solutions for your complex cable requirements without imposing the excessive factory minimums you get from other suppliers. We offer runs as small as 100 ft, and with our Premium Expedite option, you can get what you need without the wait.

Looking for engineering help or a custom design for your application? Our engineers are standing by to tackle the tough issues so you can focus on what matters to you – providing top quality products to your customers that will perform beyond their expectations.

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Did you know?

PTFE, also known by the DuPont trade name Teflon®, was accidentally discovered in 1938 by a scientist named Roy Plunkett in an attempt to create a new form of Freon refrigerant by reacting hydrochloric acid with a little known compound called tetrafluoroethylene (TFE). Plunkett discovered that instead of producing the desired gas, the TFE had polymerized into a white, flaky powder. Initially, the value of this substance wasn’t clear to Plunkett, however it came to use in World War II during the development of the Atomic Bomb. Making the bomb required scientists to handle large amounts of the caustic and toxic substance uranium hexafluoride, and PTFE-coated gaskets and liners were able to resist it’s extreme corrosive action. PTFE is inert to virtually all chemicals, and is considered one of the most slippery materials in existence. These properties have made it one of the most valuable and versatile technologies ever invented, contributing to significant advancements in areas such as aerospace, communications, electronics, industrial processes and architecture.

Today, the majority of PTFE (roughly 50% of all production) is used for aerospace and other high-performance electrical wiring applications. The superior dielectric properties of PTFE makes it an ideal insulator for wire & cable used in connector assemblies as well as printed circuit boards operating at microwave frequencies.

Whitmor/Wirenetics – SPACE LT® and SPACE LT® Super Composite Wire

When weight and performance are the driving forces behind your wire and cable requirements, our Space LT® Super Lightweight Wire and Space LT® Super Composite Wire give you the edge you need to stay ahead of the competition. Not only are they smaller and lighter, they offer high-temperature capabilities and superior conductivity of signal transfer from the connector to the wire itself.

With our Space LT® Super Lightweight Wire and Space LT® Super Composite Wire, you can significantly reduce the size and weight of your harnesses without sacrificing performance. You can rely on Whitmor/Wirenetics’ reputation for innovation and quality – our products have been meeting the stringent requirements of the aerospace and satellite industries for more than half a century.

WEIGHT SAVINGS – Mil-spec vs. Space LT® Super Lightweight Wire      
Part Number Max Weight
Weight Savings Nom. Diameter (inches) Space
18% 0.024
11% 0.027
12% 0.032
10% 0.037
7% 0.043
3% 0.050
Space LT® Super Lightweight Wire vs. Space LT® Super Composite Wire        
Part Number Max Weight
(lbs/1,000 ft)
Nom. Diameter (inches)
33% 0.027
32% 0.032

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Audible Passion

Whitmor/Wirenetics is a leading provider of high-performance wire, cable, and tubing products. We have served the military, aerospace, and satellite industries for over 50 years. With our proven experience we found a niche in an industry that needed to be filled; dedication to offering our products and services for guitar and other musical instruments.

As musicians, we really are a picky bunch, but for good reason. After all, our audiences will not sit through a shoddy performance, so why should we use shoddy gear? We choose gear that can withstand the rigors of stage use and abuse, but we also choose gear which allows us to best express our artistic vision; gear which is built by skilled artisans who know their craft well.

Audible Passion?

MAGNE-TONE plain enamel magnet wire for guitar pickupsWe really do share your passion for musical instruments – the electric guitar, electric bass, the tube (valve) amplifier – all tools which help us translate our innermost emotions into an audible, tangible reality.

We can know by the very composition of a cable or by the type of enamel in magnet wire which musical tone we should expect. It’s not all that difficult, really. For example, a pickup winder knows which type of magnet wire belongs in each variety of pickup; by using Plain Enamel magnet wire in PAF-style pickups to Heavy Formvar in 1950’s single coils, a certain musical tone is produced, which then achieves the desired end result.

Whether it is the magnet wire used to wind guitar pickup coils to vintage cloth “pushback” wire that connects the pickups to the various components, or even the cable that connects the guitar to the amplifier — including the heat shrink tubing that protects the plug housing — we want to bring American-made high quality components to an industry that shares our passion: the pursuit of excellent musical tone.

Product Spotlight: ELECTRI-TONE® Guitar Wire and Cable

From vintage cotton braided “pushback” wire used in guitars and tube amplifiers to multi-conductor lead cable to heat shrink tubing and MAGNE-TONE® magnet wire for guitar pickups, our new ELECTRI-TONE® line of vintage and contemporary electric guitar wiring and tube amplifier wire products are sure to meet or exceed OEM performance and appearance, available in large or small quantities and priced right for large manufacturing facilities or for boutique builders.

As an award-winning manufacturer and distributor of aerospace wire and cable products for over 50 years, Whitmor / Wirenetics has expanded the product offerings to include wire and cable products designed specifically for builders of electric guitars, tube (valve) amplifiers and other electric instruments that will meet and exceed manufacturers’ and boutique guitar and amplifier builders’ expectations.

Contact us to learn more about ELECTRI-TONE® or MAGNE-TONE® today.

SPACE-LITE® Braid for Lightweight Shielding

You should be looking at our SPACE-LITE® braid using our SPACEALLOY® conductor.


  • Gain up to 50% weight savings over conventional braid depending on the size.
  • RoHS compliant with double the tensile strength of regular copper.
  • Many sizes available off the shelf or can be configured into your custom cable.

There are many options of metalized fibers that have been said can cause FOD issues when used in an outer-space environment. This will not happen with SPACE-LITE® braid.

The carbon nano-tube process is still many years away from a high production solution as we have been involved with several trial materials that just don’t hit the mark for today’s environment.  We have partnered in SBIR’s with light weight composite materials that turn out to be very limited in application and probably not worth the potential weight savings it may bring.

SPACE-LITE® braid is being used today in launch vehicles, satellites and other areas where a dependable lighter weight braid is a benefit.

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