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Audible Passion

Whitmor/Wirenetics is a leading provider of high-performance wire, cable, and tubing products. We have served the military, aerospace, and satellite industries for over 50 years. With our proven experience we found a niche in an industry that needed to be filled; dedication to offering our products and services for guitar and other musical instruments.

As musicians, we really are a picky bunch, but for good reason. After all, our audiences will not sit through a shoddy performance, so why should we use shoddy gear? We choose gear that can withstand the rigors of stage use and abuse, but we also choose gear which allows us to best express our artistic vision; gear which is built by skilled artisans who know their craft well.

Audible Passion?

MAGNE-TONE plain enamel magnet wire for guitar pickupsWe really do share your passion for musical instruments – the electric guitar, electric bass, the tube (valve) amplifier – all tools which help us translate our innermost emotions into an audible, tangible reality.

We can know by the very composition of a cable or by the type of enamel in magnet wire which musical tone we should expect. It’s not all that difficult, really. For example, a pickup winder knows which type of magnet wire belongs in each variety of pickup; by using Plain Enamel magnet wire in PAF-style pickups to Heavy Formvar in 1950’s single coils, a certain musical tone is produced, which then achieves the desired end result.

Whether it is the magnet wire used to wind guitar pickup coils to vintage cloth “pushback” wire that connects the pickups to the various components, or even the cable that connects the guitar to the amplifier — including the heat shrink tubing that protects the plug housing — we want to bring American-made high quality components to an industry that shares our passion: the pursuit of excellent musical tone.

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