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Are you getting Genuine products from your supplier?

Know Your Supplier

In today’s Mil-Aero market, one of the most critical challenges the industry faces is the risk of counterfeit or inferior substitute products infiltrating the supply chain. This risk increases substantially during times of severe supply constraints, such as the difficulties we see currently unfolding in the fluoropolymer market as well as increased manufacturer capacity limitations due to unprecedented demand.

Further complicating this issue, some suppliers are trying to hide the fact they are providing inferior substitutes by insinuating a product will still meet the same Mil-Spec construction and performance standards, despite the fact they cannot certify it to the required specification. This is in fact a false pretense, and typically the supplier lacks the internal testing ability required to even make such a claim.

You can protect your business and your customers from this predatory practice by requiring QPL certified products from your suppliers. These products have met the qualification requirements set forth in the applicable specification, including appropriate product identification, tests or qualification references.

The Choice is Simple

Whitmore/Wirenetics always provides certified QPL Mil-Aero products to our customers and partners around the globe. We’re also a QPL approved manufacturer of over 50,000 different constructions of M27500 cable in accordance with NEMA WC27500-2015.

When you buy from us, you’re not only getting world-class customer service, you’re getting the peace of mind that comes from knowing your supplier does the right thing – on every order, every time.

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