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Product Spotlight: ELECTRI-TONE® Guitar Wire and Cable

From vintage cotton braided “pushback” wire used in guitars and tube amplifiers to multi-conductor lead cable to heat shrink tubing and MAGNE-TONE® magnet wire for guitar pickups, our new ELECTRI-TONE® line of vintage and contemporary electric guitar wiring and tube amplifier wire products are sure to meet or exceed OEM performance and appearance, available in large or small quantities and priced right for large manufacturing facilities or for boutique builders.

As an award-winning manufacturer and distributor of aerospace wire and cable products for over 50 years, Whitmor / Wirenetics has expanded the product offerings to include wire and cable products designed specifically for builders of electric guitars, tube (valve) amplifiers and other electric instruments that will meet and exceed manufacturers’ and boutique guitar and amplifier builders’ expectations.

Contact us to learn more about ELECTRI-TONE® or MAGNE-TONE® today.

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