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LTE High-performance Coaxial Cables (RG Replacement)

LTE is a patented low-density, air-expanded PTFE dielectric which provides reduced weight and increased velocity of propagation (up to 85%). LTE dielectric also exhibits low loss and stable performance throughout its temperature range. These cables are ideal replacements for MIL-C-17 cables in demanding applications such as aerospace and high-reliability commercial systems.

875-892 is a replacement for RG-179 (M17/94).
900-142 is a replacement for RG-142 (M17/60,/158).
900-316 is a replacement for RG-316 (M17/113, /172).
900-393 is a replacement for RG-393 (M17/127, /174).

Product # Temperature Rating Impedance Dielectric Diameter Inner Shield Jacket Diameter Inner Conductor Diameter Inner Conductor Stranding
875-892200 ºC75 ohms0.063 in
1.60 mm
None 0.100 in
2.54 mm
0.015 in
0.38 mm
7/36 SPCA (Silver-plated high-strength copper (alloy 135))
900-142200 ºC50 ohms0.145 in
3.68 mm
Flat Silver-plated copper braid, 95% coverage 0.190 in
4.83 mm
0.051 in
1.30 mm
Solid SPC (Silver-plated copper)
900-316200 ºC50 ohms0.060 in
1.53 mm
Flat Silver-plated copper braid, 95% coverage 0.105 in
2.68 mm
0.010 in
0.51 mm
Solid SPCW (Silver-plated copper-covered steel (copperweld))
900-393200 ºC50 ohms0.285 in
7.24 mm
Flat Silver-plated copper braid, 92% coverage 0.390 in
9.91 mm
0.105 in
2.67 mm
7/0.038 SPC (Silver-plated copper)