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LTE High-performance Coaxial Cables (RG Replacement)

LTE is a patented low-density, air-expanded PTFE dielectric which provides reduced weight and increased velocity of propagation (up to 85%). LTE dielectric also exhibits low loss and stable performance throughout its temperature range. These cables are ideal replacements for MIL-C-17 cables in demanding applications such as aerospace and high-reliability commercial systems.

875-892 is a replacement for RG-179 (M17/94).
900-142 is a replacement for RG-142 (M17/60,/158).
900-316 is a replacement for RG-316 (M17/113, /172).
900-393 is a replacement for RG-393 (M17/127, /174).

Product #: 875-892


Temperature Rating 200 ºC
Impedance 75 ohms
Dielectric LTE (extruded low-density PTFE) or low density / composite
Dielectric Diameter 0.063 in
1.60 mm
Inner Shield None
Outer Shield Silver Plated Copper braid, 95% nominal coverage. Can be provided with optional shield types such as flat braid, tape composites, or combinations.
Jacket Extruded FEP
Jacket Diameter 0.100 in
2.54 mm
Inner Conductor Diameter 0.015 in
0.38 mm
Inner Conductor Stranding 7/36 SPCA (Silver-plated high-strength copper (alloy 135))
Outer Shield Diameter 0.080 in
2.03 mm
Min. Bend Radius 0.50 in
12.70 mm
Capacitance 15.5 pF/ft
Velocity of Propagation 81.0 %
Time Delay 1.23 ns/foot
Weight 8.50 lb/1000 ft.
12.6 kg/1000 m.
Attenuation @ 500 MHz per 100 ft. 14.0 dB