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BJG & Eaton – Making the Right Connection, Each and Every Time

BJG Electronics (now FDH Electronics) was founded in 1979 with the knowledge that military and aerospace customers would want to do business with a company that maintained the highest quality standards and always put its customers first. To always ensure this is true, it is our responsibility to choose the right solutions every time.

When those solutions are connectors, backshells, or even conduits, we turn to our close relationship with Eaton Souriau-Sunbank, a global leader that has proven its dependability and innovation for over a century.

Our customers rely on us to work with only the highest quality products. We know interconnect products must be durable and reliable under incredibly demanding and unique conditions to ensure high-power systems are ready when they are most needed, whether within a plane, defensive platforms, missiles, ground-based vehicles, battlefield connectors, microphones, radios, radar, satellites, or any of a myriad of mission-critical applications.

Our team here at FDH knows that even the smallest part of any electrical system is mission-critical and can mean the difference in not only efficiency and effectiveness, but also in lives. We believe that recognizing this and providing the right solutions for each application is just the first step in providing outstanding customer service and experiences to those we work with.

The reliability in quality and delivery that Souriau-Sunbank by Eaton brings to interconnect products is exactly why FDH Electronics has more Sunbank inventory than anyone in the world, coming in as the #1 distributor worldwide. We also are in the top 5 distributors in the world for Souriau in both inventory and sales. We carry available inventory measured in the millions of pieces.

When you work with FDH Electronics, you know you can rely not only on the quality of the product but that it will arrive when you need it most with quick order turnarounds.

Who is Souriau-Sunbank by Eaton?

From their start, more than 100 years ago, Eaton has developed products and services that have become globally recognized. Their mission is to improve the quality of life and the environment through the use of power management technologies and services, and they do this through sustainable solutions that help their customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical power – more safely, more efficiently, and more reliably.

As a power management company with over 92,000 employees, they also do business in more than 175 countries. They are dedicated to improving people’s lives and the environment with power management technologies that are more reliable, efficient, safe, and sustainable.

In 2019, Eaton Corporation acquired Souriau-Sunbank Connection Technologies (with facilities in France, the Dominican Republic, India, Morocco, Mexico, and the United States). Adding Souriau-Sunbank’s highly engineered electrical interconnect solutions for harsh environments specifically created for customers in the aerospace, defense, industrial, energy, and transport industries to their already well-established offerings.

As an Eaton brand, Souriau-Sunbank by Eaton is a world leader in high-performance interconnect technologies. When you need connectors that are guaranteed to make the right connection, every time, you can trust Eaton and BJG Electronics.

Connectors: Connecting Excellence

FDH knows connectors, and Eaton provides a wide range of connectors that we are proud to stand behind.

Their connectors are designed to withstand the harsh conditions that are presented from everything from the deep sea to deep space. Our team at FDH Electronics can also provide the connector assembly, inventory management, or custom design your connectors need.

When you need connectors that are guaranteed to make the right connection, every time, you can trust Eaton and FDH Electronics.

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Connectors We Carry

  • UTO Series
  • UTS Series
  • UTL Series
  • UTG Series
  • SMS Series
  • 06 Series
  • 09 Series
  • 8D Series
  • 853 Series
  • 8STA Series
  • 8TA Series
  • Micro38999
  • MQuick Series
  • JBX Series
  • D38999 Series
  • EN2997 Series
  • ENC Series
  • EN3155 Series
  • 8599 Series
  • 8291 Series
  • M39029 Series
  • Trim Trio Tooling
  • Trim Trio Backshells
  • UTS Accessories
  • HAUTL Series
  • HAUTS Series
  • RC/RM Series
  • SC/SM Series

Backshells: Mission Critical

Selecting the proper backshell for each application is mission-critical, and our partnership with Eaton means we provide the best selection in the world. Eaton’s connectors, backshells, contacts, and cable assemblies have paved the way when it comes to providing the benchmark for reliability in harsh environments.

If you are already familiar with the Eaton connectors, pairing Eaton backshells with Eaton connectors means the same high level of quality is applied to all points in the system.

BJG Electronics enjoys a unique partnership with Souriau Sunbank, distributing millions of pieces that can be trusted in the most challenging of applications. Our large stock of inventory means we can provide the backshells you need quickly.

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Backshells and Accessories We Carry:

  • D38999/22, D38999/32, D38999/33
  • M28840, M28876, M85049, AS85049, M38999
  • MS25042, MS25043, MS27501, MS27502, MS27506
  • MS27510, MS27511, MS3180, MS3181, MS3416, MS3115, MS3417
  • TXR

Conduits: Rugged Protection

FDH Electronics protects electrical systems in harsh environments worldwide with our rugged conduit solutions, both light and heavy-weighted. And our partnership with Souriau Sunbank means we provide conduit solutions from an organization that is known around the globe for their quality.

For example, Sunflex (a SUNBANK product) provides an extensive selection of braids, armoring sheathing, and convoluted fluorocarbon tubing for conduits. The rugged Sunflex conduit systems display high-temperature survivability (heat to +500°F / cold to -95°F) with long flexure life and superior shielding.

If you need conduit you can rely on, BJG and Eaton can provide the protection your application requires. Our partnership means we can quickly provide you with the right conduit solutions.

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Conduits We Carry

  • Flexible Conduit
  • Shipboard Interconnect and Conduit Solutions
  • Sunflex Solutions
  • MS3109, MS3117
  • AS85049
  • M23053

Now Stocking TE MTC Rectangular Connectors

TE Connectivity MTC product line is a complete modular connector system consisting of lightweight, environmentally sealed miniature rectangular connectors (shell housings with removable inserts) and individually removable rear-release contacts.


  • Low-profile rectangular design for high packaging density
  • Environmental sealing for aerospace applications
  • Modular components for design versatility and logistics savings
  • Lightweight materials for weight savings
  • Quick-disconnect or jackscrew mating hardware


  • Available with quick- disconnect mating hard- ware, EME shielding accessories, and modular inserts that can accommodate a mix of signal and power crimp contacts and coaxial contacts
  • Minimized need for special termination tooling
  • Improved ease of manufacturing and maintenance


  • Jack screws or quick- disconnect hardware
  • Stacked or panel-mounted next to each other without any provision for grip space
  • Save significant panel area
  • Available in 1-inch and 2-inch configurations
  • Modular removable inserts with size 22 and/or size 16 contact cavities can be combined into the 1-inch and 2-inch MTC housings


  • Available in 20-cavity and 5-cavity versions
  • 20-cavity insert accepts size 20-22 (24 AWG to 20 AWG wire) crimp contacts
  • 5-cavity insert accepts size 16–14 crimp contacts
  • Rear release insertion/extraction of the contacts

2019 Fluoropolymer Outlook

Coming out of a turbulent 2018 marked by strong demand coupled with limitations in both compound availability & manufacturer production capacity, the current forecast for 2019 indicates a sluggish recovery that won’t begin to materialize until Q2. Due to growth of fluoropolymer use in both the automotive and food & beverage industry, compound manufacturers continue to reallocate resources resulting in additional strain as market focus continues to evolve. The fluoropolymer market is expected to register a compound annual growth rate of 6% by 2022.

Current data suggests PTFE compound availability will improve in Q2 with ETFE following later in the year. Fluorpolymer wire & cable manufacturers struggling with significant backlogs are likely to take a measured approach to recovery once compound availability improves to avoid a sudden and significant drop in demand. If the current projections for strong demand in 2019 are accurate, this cautious approach could cause additional delays that may further slow recovery well into Q3. Additional price increases on fluoropolymer products are also expected to impact the market in the coming months.

As we enter the 4th straight year of defense budget increases, the current administration projects spending to continue at this high level into the future. As a result, the military services and defense industry are making their plans on the basis of this high funding level. 2019 will likely see a continuation of the strong demand from FY18, putting additional pressure on both manufacturing and distribution to work diligently toward reducing material flow inhibitors.

As your go-to supplier for Mil-Aero wire & cable, Whitmor/Wirenetics is committed to work closely with our supply chain to ensure our partners are well positioned. We continue to employ strategies to reduce lead times and mitigate price increases in addition to providing excellent customer service. For more information on how we can help you reach your goals for 2019, give us a call today.


Buying from a Distributor vs Manufacturer – Which is better?

What’s the difference?

A distributor’s main focus is the selling of finished goods, rather than their production. This allows the distributor to focus on the customer – providing better service, quicker delivery, and competitive pricing. A distributor understands your need to get product quickly, at the best possible price allowing your business to grow. Another key benefit is that distributors offer lower minimums on standard items, so that you can get your customer what they need without excessive costs. Add the fact that distributors have access to multiple manufacturer’s products, and it sounds like you’ve got a great supplier.

But what about custom or unique products?

This is where a manufacturer becomes priority. Many distributors cannot offer a better option when it comes to custom items. They are often forced to pass along the factory minimums the manufacturer imposes – forcing exorbitant costs on to the customer. Often these minimums can be up to 10 times the amount the customer needs for the job, substantially reducing profitability. In addition, most manufacturers require purchases to go through their distribution channel, preventing the customer from mitigating these costs through direct buys.

This is why Whitmor/Wirenetics is the best choice!

When our custom cable division merged with Wirenetics in 1986, the winning combination of both manufacturer and distributor was born.  Whitmor/Wirenetics understands the need for excellent customer service, off-the-shelf availability, great pricing and easy access to custom products with reasonable minimums.  Our industry-leading 100 ft minimum on custom cables is proof of our commitment to our customers – and the years of loyalty and continued business from our customers is proof that it matters.

Are you getting Genuine products from your supplier?

Know Your Supplier

In today’s Mil-Aero market, one of the most critical challenges the industry faces is the risk of counterfeit or inferior substitute products infiltrating the supply chain. This risk increases substantially during times of severe supply constraints, such as the difficulties we see currently unfolding in the fluoropolymer market as well as increased manufacturer capacity limitations due to unprecedented demand.

Further complicating this issue, some suppliers are trying to hide the fact they are providing inferior substitutes by insinuating a product will still meet the same Mil-Spec construction and performance standards, despite the fact they cannot certify it to the required specification. This is in fact a false pretense, and typically the supplier lacks the internal testing ability required to even make such a claim.

You can protect your business and your customers from this predatory practice by requiring QPL certified products from your suppliers. These products have met the qualification requirements set forth in the applicable specification, including appropriate product identification, tests or qualification references.

The Choice is Simple

Whitmore/Wirenetics always provides certified QPL Mil-Aero products to our customers and partners around the globe. We’re also a QPL approved manufacturer of over 50,000 different constructions of M27500 cable in accordance with NEMA WC27500-2015.

When you buy from us, you’re not only getting world-class customer service, you’re getting the peace of mind that comes from knowing your supplier does the right thing – on every order, every time.