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Now Stocking TE MTC Rectangular Connectors

TE Connectivity MTC product line is a complete modular connector system consisting of lightweight, environmentally sealed miniature rectangular connectors (shell housings with removable inserts) and individually removable rear-release contacts.


  • Low-profile rectangular design for high packaging density
  • Environmental sealing for aerospace applications
  • Modular components for design versatility and logistics savings
  • Lightweight materials for weight savings
  • Quick-disconnect or jackscrew mating hardware


  • Available with quick- disconnect mating hard- ware, EME shielding accessories, and modular inserts that can accommodate a mix of signal and power crimp contacts and coaxial contacts
  • Minimized need for special termination tooling
  • Improved ease of manufacturing and maintenance


  • Jack screws or quick- disconnect hardware
  • Stacked or panel-mounted next to each other without any provision for grip space
  • Save significant panel area
  • Available in 1-inch and 2-inch configurations
  • Modular removable inserts with size 22 and/or size 16 contact cavities can be combined into the 1-inch and 2-inch MTC housings


  • Available in 20-cavity and 5-cavity versions
  • 20-cavity insert accepts size 20-22 (24 AWG to 20 AWG wire) crimp contacts
  • 5-cavity insert accepts size 16–14 crimp contacts
  • Rear release insertion/extraction of the contacts

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