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SPACE-LITE® Braid for Lightweight Shielding

You should be looking at our SPACE-LITE® braid using our SPACEALLOY® conductor.


  • Gain up to 50% weight savings over conventional braid depending on the size.
  • RoHS compliant with double the tensile strength of regular copper.
  • Many sizes available off the shelf or can be configured into your custom cable.

There are many options of metalized fibers that have been said can cause FOD issues when used in an outer-space environment. This will not happen with SPACE-LITE® braid.

The carbon nano-tube process is still many years away from a high production solution as we have been involved with several trial materials that just don’t hit the mark for today’s environment.  We have partnered in SBIR’s with light weight composite materials that turn out to be very limited in application and probably not worth the potential weight savings it may bring.

SPACE-LITE® braid is being used today in launch vehicles, satellites and other areas where a dependable lighter weight braid is a benefit.

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