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Alice Zhang

January 3, 2023

Alice Zhang

Vice President, FDH Defense Aftermarket

We supply a variety of c-class electrical components and high-performance connectors and accessories focused on commercial and defense end markets. Our breadth of electrical components and supply chain services is supported by unmatched customer service and a commitment to get you the parts you need when you need them.

Alice Zhang serves as Vice President, FDH Defense Aftermarket.

In her role, Alice serves as a key partner in leading our Military and Defense initiatives overseeing strategic customer relationships, business development, and all Military and Defense sales operations in the aftermarket sector.

Alice has spent 15 years in various senior leadership positions within the aerospace and defense industries. She joined FDH Aero during the acquisition of Unical Defense, where she served as Vice President, Sales. Prior to that she was Sales Director for Unical Aviation’s military division. She also spent 10 years at API where she served as Sales Director for APAC and FMS.

Alice graduated from ZheJiang University, in Hangzhou Zhejiang Province, a top-10 ranked university in China.