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Are Rising Copper Prices Impacting Copper Wire and Cable Prices?

Due to the volatile cost and limited availability of raw materials, acquiring copper domestically has recently undergone its fair share of challenges. Manufacturers, distributors, and end-users of copper wires and cables have all felt the global impacts of the rising pricing trendline.

Number three on the world’s most used metals list, one-third of the world’s supply of copper comes from Chile, and copper’s number one stockpile is China. Traded at the London Metal Exchange, COMEX, and at India’s Multi-Commodity Exchange, the standard contract for copper weighs twenty-five thousand pounds.

Steadily rising rates per unit since July 2019 saw a slight dip in cost (correlating to China exporting more raw material inventory) in February 2021. Yet, the price of importing copper is once again on the rise. The lack of influx of this vital metal has direct causality on the copper-based marketplace, including the availability and cost of copper wire and cables.

How Can FDH Electronics Assist You During a Copper Shortage? 

Being proactive against the dwindling supply to end-users and escalating prices, FDH Electronics continues to invest in a package of wire and cable to help keep costs from fluctuating. Considering these are uncertain times in the copper commodity market, we have stocked up to help our customers mitigate shortages.

However, we are fully committed to helping our Mil-Aero clients maintain the acquisition of essential wiring and cable components for vital equipment applications, including defense, space and air travel, and satellites. In response to the current international copper shortage, we are working behind the scenes with our strategic suppliers to limit the impact to our valued end-users. One such example is FDH Electronics TE Copper Wire Stocking Package.

About the TE Copper Wire Stocking Package From FDH Electronics

Comprised of Spec 44 and 55 Wire (M81044, M22759, and M27500 constructions), these top-of-the-line wires and cables provide exceptional chemical resistance to defluxing agents, hydraulic fluids, fuels, etc. and are temperature rated from -65˚C to 150/200˚C (and up to 400˚C in short bursts).

Spec 44 and 55 products from TE Connectivity are insulated with radiation crosslinking to resist electrical arc tracking in wet and dry conditions (aircraft applications). They are fully functional in harsh weather environments, and have cut-through and creep resistance. Special additives increase flame retardance and flammability. The products also come in medium and lightweights, are outer space suitable and are constructed with single or dual walls; all reasons these are the backbone of the Mil-Aero industries and the go-to choice for multiple critical applications.

Additionally, many other copper wires and cables are readily available, in stock, and ready to ship out to meet your specific specifications and requirements. Examples include M17 ( COAX ), AA / QQ B575 ( Braid), M16878, M85485, DATA CABLES, BMS ( Boeing Matl Standard), EN / ANSE (Euro & Airbus Specs). We also proudly offer an extensive range of high-quality cable management and identification solutions, conduit, heat shrink, solder sleeves, and shrink boots prepped and ready for on-time delivery, including M23053, M83519, MS3109, MS3117.

Click here to Request a Quote for your TE Stocking Package or call us today to find other right-fit solutions for your specific applications at (800) 847-7127. For more real-time information on shortages, solutions, and current product offerings, price locks, and promotions, follow FDH Electronics on LinkedIn.

2019 Fluoropolymer Outlook

Coming out of a turbulent 2018 marked by strong demand coupled with limitations in both compound availability & manufacturer production capacity, the current forecast for 2019 indicates a sluggish recovery that won’t begin to materialize until Q2. Due to growth of fluoropolymer use in both the automotive and food & beverage industry, compound manufacturers continue to reallocate resources resulting in additional strain as market focus continues to evolve. The fluoropolymer market is expected to register a compound annual growth rate of 6% by 2022.

Current data suggests PTFE compound availability will improve in Q2 with ETFE following later in the year. Fluorpolymer wire & cable manufacturers struggling with significant backlogs are likely to take a measured approach to recovery once compound availability improves to avoid a sudden and significant drop in demand. If the current projections for strong demand in 2019 are accurate, this cautious approach could cause additional delays that may further slow recovery well into Q3. Additional price increases on fluoropolymer products are also expected to impact the market in the coming months.

As we enter the 4th straight year of defense budget increases, the current administration projects spending to continue at this high level into the future. As a result, the military services and defense industry are making their plans on the basis of this high funding level. 2019 will likely see a continuation of the strong demand from FY18, putting additional pressure on both manufacturing and distribution to work diligently toward reducing material flow inhibitors.

As your go-to supplier for Mil-Aero wire & cable, Whitmor/Wirenetics is committed to work closely with our supply chain to ensure our partners are well positioned. We continue to employ strategies to reduce lead times and mitigate price increases in addition to providing excellent customer service. For more information on how we can help you reach your goals for 2019, give us a call today.


Buying from a Distributor vs Manufacturer – Which is better?

What’s the difference?

A distributor’s main focus is the selling of finished goods, rather than their production. This allows the distributor to focus on the customer – providing better service, quicker delivery, and competitive pricing. A distributor understands your need to get product quickly, at the best possible price allowing your business to grow. Another key benefit is that distributors offer lower minimums on standard items, so that you can get your customer what they need without excessive costs. Add the fact that distributors have access to multiple manufacturer’s products, and it sounds like you’ve got a great supplier.

But what about custom or unique products?

This is where a manufacturer becomes priority. Many distributors cannot offer a better option when it comes to custom items. They are often forced to pass along the factory minimums the manufacturer imposes – forcing exorbitant costs on to the customer. Often these minimums can be up to 10 times the amount the customer needs for the job, substantially reducing profitability. In addition, most manufacturers require purchases to go through their distribution channel, preventing the customer from mitigating these costs through direct buys.

This is why Whitmor/Wirenetics is the best choice!

When our custom cable division merged with Wirenetics in 1986, the winning combination of both manufacturer and distributor was born.  Whitmor/Wirenetics understands the need for excellent customer service, off-the-shelf availability, great pricing and easy access to custom products with reasonable minimums.  Our industry-leading 100 ft minimum on custom cables is proof of our commitment to our customers – and the years of loyalty and continued business from our customers is proof that it matters.

UAVs and SPACE WIRE – The Future of Unmanned Technology

Recent estimates predict global militaries will spend $70 billion on drones by 2020. According to the FAA, in the next two years, the number of drones flying over America will nearly triple from the current 2.5 million to a staggering 7 million.

With the rapid expansion of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in both defense and commercial applications, the demand for smaller & lighter materials that can provide significant weight savings without sacrificing performance has become a top priority.

SPACE WIRE® Super Lightweight Wire & Cable

Engineered to consistently deliver outstanding results in the harshest environments, SPACE WIRE® provides cutting-edge performance for even the most demanding applications. Offering significant reductions in size and weight with superior conductivity, it’s the perfect fit for small spaces with big ambitions.

With a growing line of Super Lightweight Wire & Cable products, our SPACE WIRE® engineers continue to develop innovative solutions for unique applications. Contact us today for more information or application engineering assistance: 1-800-822-WIRE

Value Added Services from Whitmor/Wirenetics

In addition to our custom cable manufacturing capabilities, Whitmor/Wirenetics (now FDH Electronics) offers a wide array of value-added services to our customers. With state-of-the-art equipment designed to exceed today’s stringent requirements, we can help you provide your customers with the products they need while reducing your cost and lead time.

– Wire & Cable striping
– Surface Etching
– Twisting/Cabling
– Assemblies/Kitting
– Laser Marking
– Hot Stamping
– Tubing and Sleeve Marking
– Cut & Strip
– Custom VMI Solutions
– New Product Design & Engineering

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Chances are, we can do it! Contact us today for more information: Sales.Electronics@US.FDHAero.com

Your #1 Source For PTFE Wire & Cable

With our robust inventory of PTFE hook-up wire & cable, Whitmor/Wirenetics (now FDH Electronics) is the go-to source for your Mil-Spec and Aerospace requirements. From M16878/NEMA HP-3 & M22759 hook-up wire to M27500 cables, you can find all of the PTFE products you need with the excellent customer service you’ve come to expect.  We also offer value-added services such as surface etching, striping, laser marking, and cut & strip for your specific program needs.

In addition to our off-the-shelf products, we have the unique ability to manufacture custom PTFE solutions for your complex cable requirements without imposing the excessive factory minimums you get from other suppliers. We offer runs as small as 100 ft, and with our Premium Expedite option, you can get what you need without the wait.

Looking for engineering help or a custom design for your application? Our engineers are standing by to tackle the tough issues so you can focus on what matters to you – providing top quality products to your customers that will perform beyond their expectations.

Contact us today for more information: Sales.Electronics@US.FDHAero.com

Did you know?

PTFE, also known by the DuPont trade name Teflon®, was accidentally discovered in 1938 by a scientist named Roy Plunkett in an attempt to create a new form of Freon refrigerant by reacting hydrochloric acid with a little known compound called tetrafluoroethylene (TFE). Plunkett discovered that instead of producing the desired gas, the TFE had polymerized into a white, flaky powder. Initially, the value of this substance wasn’t clear to Plunkett, however it came to use in World War II during the development of the Atomic Bomb. Making the bomb required scientists to handle large amounts of the caustic and toxic substance uranium hexafluoride, and PTFE-coated gaskets and liners were able to resist it’s extreme corrosive action. PTFE is inert to virtually all chemicals, and is considered one of the most slippery materials in existence. These properties have made it one of the most valuable and versatile technologies ever invented, contributing to significant advancements in areas such as aerospace, communications, electronics, industrial processes and architecture.

Today, the majority of PTFE (roughly 50% of all production) is used for aerospace and other high-performance electrical wiring applications. The superior dielectric properties of PTFE makes it an ideal insulator for wire & cable used in connector assemblies as well as printed circuit boards operating at microwave frequencies.

Whitmor/Wirenetics – SPACE LT® and SPACE LT® Super Composite Wire

When weight and performance are the driving forces behind your wire and cable requirements, our Space LT® Super Lightweight Wire and Space LT® Super Composite Wire give you the edge you need to stay ahead of the competition. Not only are they smaller and lighter, they offer high-temperature capabilities and superior conductivity of signal transfer from the connector to the wire itself.

With our Space LT® Super Lightweight Wire and Space LT® Super Composite Wire, you can significantly reduce the size and weight of your harnesses without sacrificing performance. You can rely on Whitmor/Wirenetics’ reputation for innovation and quality – our products have been meeting the stringent requirements of the aerospace and satellite industries for more than half a century.

WEIGHT SAVINGS – Mil-spec vs. Space LT® Super Lightweight Wire      
Part Number Max Weight
Weight Savings Nom. Diameter (inches) Space
18% 0.024
11% 0.027
12% 0.032
10% 0.037
7% 0.043
3% 0.050
Space LT® Super Lightweight Wire vs. Space LT® Super Composite Wire        
Part Number Max Weight
(lbs/1,000 ft)
Nom. Diameter (inches)
33% 0.027
32% 0.032

Contact Sales.Electronics@US.FDHAero.com for more information.

SPACE-LITE® Braid for Lightweight Shielding

You should be looking at our SPACE-LITE® braid using our SPACEALLOY® conductor.


  • Gain up to 50% weight savings over conventional braid depending on the size.
  • RoHS compliant with double the tensile strength of regular copper.
  • Many sizes available off the shelf or can be configured into your custom cable.

There are many options of metalized fibers that have been said can cause FOD issues when used in an outer-space environment. This will not happen with SPACE-LITE® braid.

The carbon nano-tube process is still many years away from a high production solution as we have been involved with several trial materials that just don’t hit the mark for today’s environment.  We have partnered in SBIR’s with light weight composite materials that turn out to be very limited in application and probably not worth the potential weight savings it may bring.

SPACE-LITE® braid is being used today in launch vehicles, satellites and other areas where a dependable lighter weight braid is a benefit.

Contact us today for more information: