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LTE High-speed Twinaxial Cables – 100 Ohm Parallel and Twisted Pair

LTE low-density, air-expanded PTFE dielectric gives these cables very fast transmission speeds and low loss in a small size, along with exceptional flexibility. These cables are just some examples of the performance levels provided by LTE dielectric— many other configurations are also available.

Product #: TC-746


Temperature Rating 150 ºC
Impedance 125Ω ± 10%
Operating Voltage 30 V
Shield AWG 38 nickel-plated Copper, 95% coverage
Jacket Extruded ETFE, White
Jacket Diameter 0.182 in
4.62 mm
Primary Insulation LTE (extruded expanded low-density PTFE)
Center Conductor Stranded Silver-plated high-strength copper alloy
Component Wire Conductor Diameter 0.0240 in
0.61 mm
Capacitance 17.0 pF/ft
Velocity of Propagation 83.0 %
Time Delay 1.23 ns/foot
Weight 18 lb/1000 ft.
26.80 kg/1000 m.
Drain Wire None
Attenuation @ 2 GHz per 100 ft. 1.0 dB
Shield Diameter 0.162 in
4.12 mm
Component Wire Stranding 19/36 SPCA (Silver-plated high-strength copper (alloy 135)).
Component Wire Lay Twisted (1.75)
Component Wire Insulation Diameter 0.074 in
1.88 mm
Dielectric Strength 1000 VAC RMS
Options Other jacket colors; other conductor materials, gauges and / or stranding; other impedances; other transmission speeds.