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MaxFlex High-performance Flexible Cables

MaxFlex cable is a flexible alternative to semi-rigid cable. With its 100% shield coverage, it provides equivalent performance to MIL-C-17 semi-rigid, but is as flexible as many MIL-C-17 flexible coaxial cables. Using MaxFlex cable, assemblies can be made to approximate overall length and installed into equipment without the tooling required for bending semi-rigid cable.

Product #: 710-0641


Temperature Rating 200 ºC
Impedance 50 ± 2 Ω
Dielectric Solid PTFE.
Dielectric Diameter 0.210 in
5.33 mm
Inner Shield Spiral-wrapped silver-plated copper tape, 100% coverage
Outer Shield Silver Plated Copper braid, 90% minimum coverage
Jacket Extruded FEP (blue)
Jacket Diameter 0.270 in
6.86 mm
Center Conductor Solid SPC (Silver-plated copper)
Inner Conductor Diameter 0.064 in
1.63 mm
Inner Shield Diameter 0.222 in
5.64 mm
Outer Shield Diameter 0.240 in
6.10 mm
Min. Bend Radius 2.00 in
50.80 mm
Capacitance 29.0 pF/ft
Velocity of Propagation 69.5 %
Weight 81.0 lb/1000 ft.
120.70 kg/1000 m.
Attenuation @ 500 MHz per 100 ft. 7.8 dB
Attenuation @ 1 GHz per 100 ft. 11.0 dB
Attenuation @ 5 GHz per 100 ft. 14.0 dB
Attenuation @ 10 GHz per 100 ft. 31.0 dB
Shielding Effect > 100 dB
MIL-C-17 Equivalent M17/129
Options Stranded center conductor for enhanced flexibility; LTE (expanded extruded PTFE) dielectric for faster transmission speed; other jacket colors.