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90 Ohm, USB 3.0 Space Grade Cable

Product #: W-5562-3845


Temperature -55 to 200 ºC
Data Pair Impedance 90.0 Ohm ± 10 Ohm
Velocity of Propagation 62.0 %
Attenuation @ 1 MHz per 100 ft. 1.43 dB
Attenuation @ 200 MHz per 100 ft. 20.24 dB
Attenuation @ 400 MHz per 100 ft. 28.60 dB
Conductor Color (A) Blue (D+)
(A) Green (D+)
(A) Orange (D-)
(A) Violet (D-)
(A) White (D-)
(A) Yellow (D+)
(B) Black (Ground)
(B) Red (Vbus)
Flammability Shall Pass FAA 25.869/25.853
Packaging To be supplied on bulk reels, 100 feet multiple lengths
Data Pair 3 X Shielded Pairs
Data Pair Insulation Extruded Tempalene 75
Nom. Data Pair Insulation Diameter 0.055 in
Power Pair Insulation Extruded Tempalene 75
Nom. Power Pair Insulation Diameter 0.050 in

Construction Details

Data Pair Conductor 26 AWG 19/38 Silver Plated Copper Alloy
Nom. Data Pair Conductor Diameter 0.020 in
Cable 3 x Twist Data Pair, 2 Power Conductors + 26 AWG SPCA Drain Wire
Nom. Cable Diameter 0.190 in
Shield Braided Silver Plated Copper Over Data Pair
Nom. Shield Diameter 0.132 in
Braid Braided Silver Plated Copper Overall, 95% Minimum Coverage
Nom. Braid Diameter 0.212 in
Jacket Extruded Tempalene 75 - Color - Blue
Nom. Jacket Diameter 0.252 in
Power Pair Conductor 22 AWG 19/34 Silver Plated Copper Alloy
Nom. Power Pair Conductor Diameter 0.030 in