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100 Ohm 26 AWG Twinaxial Cable

Product #: W-3634-1575


Temperature -55 to 200 ºC
Impedance 100 ohms
Impedance Tolerance +5 ohms
-10 ohms
Time Delay 1.24 nsec/ft
Nom. Velocity of Propagation 80 %
Nom. Attenuation @ 100 MHz per 100 ft. 8.00 dB
Nom. Attenuation @ 200 MHz per 100 ft. 16.0 dB
Nom. Attenuation @ 400 MHz per 100 ft. 23.00 dB
Capacitance 13.0 pF/ft
Flammability Shall Pass FAA FAR 25.853/869
Maximum Time Delay 1.24 nsec/ft
Root Mean Square (RMS) Dielectric Strength 1500 V
Nom. Weight per 1000 ft. 8.81 lb

Construction Details

Conductor 26 AWG 19/38 Silver Plated Copper Alloy
Nom. Conductor Diameter 0.019 in
Insulation Extruded Foamed FEP Colors - White and Gray
Nom. Insulation Diameter 0.046 in
Cable Type Planetary Twist Per M17 for Balanced Line
Nom. Cable Diameter 0.096 in
Inner Shield Aluminized foil polyimide tape facing out
Nom. Inner Shield Diameter 0.101 in
Outer Shield Braided 40 AWG Silver Plated Copper Having 90% Minimum Optimum Coverage
Nom. Outer Shield Diameter 0.113 in
Outer Jacket Material Extruded FEP - Color White
Nom. Outer Jacket Diameter 0.129 in
Jacket Print W-3634-1575 1E100-26(19)-FS/F


Packaging To be supplied on bulk reels, random factory lengths