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1100 Series Right Angle Heatshrink Shapes with Rib (VG/MIL Style)

Right Angle Low Profile Shapes With Rib VG/MIL-StyleThis style is typically used on airborne harness to achieve low profile, compact strain relief and mechanical protection.VG shapes according to T07 add ‘P’ after Hellermann part number.Dimensions apply to all materials unless otherwise indicated and are in inches.PLEASE NOTE: When ordering parts with L material, the modification # changes, due to expansion detail changes. Please consult main office for correct call-out.

Product #: 1127-3-L


Style MIL
Expanded (Min) H 1.97
Expanded (Min) J 1.97
Recovered (Max) H 1.48
Recovered (Max) J 0.51
Material Flexible Flame Retarded Fluro-Elastomer
Specification MIL-1-81765/4
Adhesive Options 1 Part Epoxy 200ºC
General Purpose Hot Melt +80ºC
High Performance Hot Melt +105ºC

Recovered Dimensions Fully Shrunk

P ±10% 2.56
R ±10% 1.16
T ±10% 0.07
HW ±20% 0.09
JW ±30% 0.06


Applications Heat shrinkable molded shapes combine the advantages of quick, easy installation, with high electrical strength, mechanical toughness and superior chemical & environmental resistance. These products offer important functional and cost saving benefits for electrical and electronic applications ranging from insulation & protection of individual components to fabrication of complete inter-connecting cable harness assemblies.

The use of our heat shrink molded shapes in conjunction with our specialized heat shrink tubing products make it easy to fabricate completely sealed wire/cable harnessing & inter-connection systems of the highest quality. Heat shrink shapes are available with a wide range of high performance adhesives/encapsulates to ensure the proper amount of strain relief, mechanical support and environmental protection.

Technical Capabilities

Note Besides our abilities to make custom parts and compounds, we have a full service support team that can assist you from concept to design and production. Allow use to use our considerable knowledge to make your requirements possible.


Note Our vast inventory includes three stocking locations of standard products. Off the shelf products include many different compound types and pre-installed adhesives. Because of our supplier partnering relationships, we are able to carry and manage any special inventory items you may need.