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Consumables & Expendables

Consumables & Expendables

A leading consumable & expendable solutions provider.

FDH Aero is a leading global provider of aerospace consumables and a trusted supply chain partner to MRO and airline customers. Our reputation for delivering a range of solutions for operational requirements is unmatched in the industry. No other provider of consumables and expendables delivers our level of swift and efficient service.

C&E solutions provided by FDH Aero and our other brands:


Consignment inventory is inventory that is in your possession, store or warehouse, allowing you to consume directly from your stock. You only purchase the inventory after you have consumed it.

Just in Time

FDH Aero focuses on continuous improvement that greatly improves an organization’s quality and efficiency by reducing in-house process inventory and associated carrying costs. Goods are received from suppliers only as they are needed.


FDH Aero creates pre-packaged and pre-labelled kits containing individual parts, increasing efficiency, and reducing the time-consuming sourcing of individual parts.


Turn your surplus stock into cash with internal marketing initiatives, and the use of platforms such as ILS, PartsBase and Stockmarket.

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