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When it comes to keeping your aircrafts in the sky, we never compromise. FDH Aero’s scale, innovation, and service allow us to support your commercial aerospace needs with superior speed and unmatched service. We distribute parts from top providers on a global scale while retaining the specific solutions of a local partner.

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Core Markets


General Aviation

Business and Regional Jets

Rotary Aircraft

OEM Solutions

We support our commercial aerospace partners with OEM solutions that meet a wide range of customer needs and maximize the value of their product lines. This includes everything from OEM hardware to OEM electrical products. All our OEM solutions meet the highest standards of quality and compliance.

Aftermarket Solutions

Our deep capabilities and extensive inventory allow us to support a wide array of aftermarket needs in the commercial aerospace sector. Whether it’s aftermarket hardware or chemical solutions, we offer support across the entire customer supply chain to support them in maintaining, repairing, and manufacturing commercial aircrafts.

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